• 2018 Annual Meeting
    “Balanced Approaches to Acute and Chronic Pain”
    Sept 21-23, 2018 | Atlanta, Georgia

    Our 32nd Annual Meeting will take place in Atlanta this year, from September 21 – 23. We will explore balanced approaches to acute and chronic pain which affects healthcare practitioners. Attendees will be provided with practical, exportable solutions that can be immediately implemented in their daily practice.

    2018 Annual Meeting Syllabus available here:

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Is Compassion the Ghost of Pain Management?

Historically, the interactions between health care providers and patients involved a therapeutic component that enhanced the beneficial effect of the medications and treatments which were provided. Today, when they sense empathy and compassion from clinicians, patients continue to report greater satisfaction, less anxiety, and feeling safer, with improved outcomes demonstrated. Although compassion clearly is important in health care, it is often misunderstood.

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Atlanta 2018–Our Most Relevant Conference

Barely a week goes by without at least one, often multiple, mainstream news articles about the practice of pain management. Just the other day, there were a number of stories about a huge federal multi-state crackdown on “rogue prescribing” of opiate pain medications by 76 doctors which led to them being arrested for fraud and a long list of other charges. We also read of a dramatic increase in raids on nationally prominent specialists in opiate dependence who prescribe buprenorphine.

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CGRP Antagonists: Long-term Side Effects

The monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) targeting calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP) are a valuable addition to our preventives. However, there are significant conceivable long-term adverse effects associated with them. We will have a better feel for the true risks in 10 years. For each patient, we have to decide whether the benefits outweigh the possible risks. With luck, it may come to pass that the biologics targeting CGRP carry very few long-term risks.

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