• 2019 Annual Meeting
    "Integrated Pain Care: New Perspectives"
    September 13-15, 2019 | New Orleans, Louisiana

    Our 33rd Annual Meeting will take place in New Orleans this year, from September 13 – 15. We will explore Integrated Pain Care: New Perspectives. Attendees will be provided with practical, exportable solutions that can be immediately implemented in their daily practice.

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President’s Message on the American Pain Society

The members of the Board of Directors of the Southern Pain Society were saddened to read about the possible need for the American Pain Society to cease operations.  We have long appreciated the scientific contributions and clinical guidelines for pain management made by the APS. 

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President’s Message, April 2019

Thinking about our coming Annual Meeting, I’m reminded of the complexity of the challenges we face. Along with the attention the opioid crisis is receiving, those of us working daily with patients living with pain know that for many of them there is a simultaneous pain crisis.  As pain professionals we have a responsibility to help to “clean up” what many consider to be  “the mess” that resulted from the opioid crisis and now the consequential pain crisis.

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Self Compassion

In this third of a series of writings about compassion and pain management, this article focuses on self-compassion.  The premise is that it is essential for health care providers to have compassion for self as the foundation to empathically and compassionately care for patients, while promoting compassionate satisfaction and preventing compassion fatigue.Self-compassion is connecting care and support for self during times of personal suffering.

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