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Recruiting: Pain Psychologist Behavioral Medicine Institute

Behavioral Medicine Institute (BMI) is a 20+ member, multi-specialty group practice based in Knoxville with a long-established referral base and innovative practice models including embedded clinicians in local medical practices. We are currently seeking a skilled and motivated clinician to add to our team of psychologists working embedded in a local, anesthesiology-based pain center which has received a Center of Excellence award from the American Pain Society. The opportunity is full time, we offer a supportive, collegial atmosphere…

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Chronic Pain and the People We Love

A few nights ago, I was talking with my wife about something fairly benign – probably weekend plans or paying the light bill – when she suddenly got a look on her face that I know very well. It was that solemn, glaze-eyed look that says, “I’m so over this.” Like any good spouse would do, I asked, “What’s wrong? Are you ok?” Her eyes snapped to and she gave a slight smile accompanied by the quietly murmured, “I’m fine.” This was obviously not the case so I interpreted her response to mean that something was wrong…

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President’s Message, January 2019

As we enter this last year of the second decade of the 21st century, clinicians working with patients who experience pain confront the challenge of providing safe and effective pain management while facing numerous barriers to doing so. During the past few years pain management in the US has been dramatically affected by the opioid crisis. This is true for patients and clinicians alike. It is tempting to lament the resultant changes, barriers  and difficulties; however, without appropriate action such lamenting will only deter from working to improve pain management options and care. 

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