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Personality and Pain: Which Came First?

The relationship between personality and pain can easily be traced to ancient Greece. In the late 19th century psychodynamic theorists saw a connection between emotional factors and the experience of chronic pain. Engel maintained that, while physical pain may result from pathophysiology, the interpretation of pain is a psychological phenomenon and that certain diagnoses were relatively common in people with chronic pain.

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The 2019 Southern Pain Society Conference – A Most Memorable Event

The 2019 Southern Pain Society (SPS) conference was held September 13-15 in New Orleans.  We enjoyed reconnecting with previous conference attendees and meeting many first-time attendees. It was great to have a new attendee share that “this is great–so much better than I ever expected.” It would be difficult to find someone who didn’t learn at least a few new things.

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Disparities in Pain and Pain Care: Combating Bias in Practice

In a post in a previous issue of this newsletter, titled “Gender disparities in Pain and Pain Care,” we explored the evidence that women are not only at higher risk for pain and pain conditions but that their pain appears to be underestimated and, in some cases, undertreated compared with men’s pain. Similar patterns are evident in diagnosis and treatment of pain in racial/ethnic/SES minority patients.

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