Thank You from the Louisiana Medical Clinic

Timothy B Sonnier President/CEO

LMC would like to thank the Southern Pain Society and Dr. Murphy for letting us be a part of the Southern Pain Conference in New Orleans for the last 2 years. The educational material that we have acquired from this relationship has been invaluable. We pride ourselves as a boutique style clinic. With that concept, we are able to spend more time with our patients educating them on the new material that comes out of this conference. Thank you.

 As a non-physician, I’ve been managing pain management doctors for over 30 years. Having access to Southern Pain and LSU has allowed LMC to provide more educational material, faster which allows us to have better outcomes for our patients. We are a full service interventional spine care practice and all of our procedures are done in house in an office based setting. We have Dr. George Kum-Nji as one of our staff physicians and Dr. Casey Murphy as our Chief of Staff.  

Looking forward to seeing all of you in September.