Laser Treatment Offers a 5 day Treatment for COVID19

Bert Ray, MD

Laser therapy has been utilized for multiple medical problems, as the light energy improves mitochondrial function in cells that are involved with medical illnesses, has an anti-inflammatory effect, boosts the immune response, and restores oxidative redox balance. Thus, the laser energy helps rebalance the oxidative redox system that underlies the inflammation involved in almost all current medical issues, including cardiovascular diseases, diabetes mellitus, Parkinson’s, dementia, chronic pain, and even cancer.

Photodynamic therapy consists of utilizing a “photo-sensitizer”, of which there are many, and they will vary depending on the wavelength of laser light to be used. For example, methylene blue or curcumin can be used to “sensitize” target tissue for red and infrared laser wavelengths. The sensitizer draws the light energy to the intended source and thus, the combination of the laser energy and the photosensitizer amount to what is known as photodynamic therapy.

At our clinic, we use a Weber Medical laser which can utilize red, infrared, yellow, blue, green, and ultraviolet light wavelengths. It is also the only laser that we have found that can allow for dermal, intra-articular, and intravenous applications. We have found this treatment to be extremely helpful in doing either trigger point injections or regenerative injections, because we can use laser light through the needle and place it directly at the site of injection, thus giving us a synergistic effect on the applied treatment.

COVID19 has presented an opportunity to evaluate the effects of photodynamic therapy on the coronavirus. We know from previous work that methylene blue intra-nasal and intra-orally combined with red and infrared laser can kill viruses and bacteria in the oral cavities. In the unique study attached to this note, photodynamic therapy was tested against COVID 19 in patients who tested positive and were in Stage 1 or 2 symptomatically, utilizing riboflavin as the photosensitizer and blue and ultraviolet wavelengths. The results showed excellent improvement in 5 days, indicating that here is an effective, non-invasive treatment for COVID 19. Further studies are now ongoing to test this treatment for hospitalized COVID 19 patients, and also to see if this non-invasive treatment can prevent COVID 19.

Please review this recently published article on a new and effective treatment available for non-hospitalized COVID Stage 1 or 2 patients. Keep in mind that even though these patients didn’t require hospitalized care, they were all very sick people, who made rapid recovery. The implication of a rapid recovery indicate that a shorter quarantine time could allow people to resume normal function in a shorter time, creating less drain on the economy, both directly by avoiding hospitalizations and indirectly by early return to work, home functions, schools, etc.

I would refer our readers to Google ISLA (Intl Soc for Medical Laser Application) for further articles on photodynamic therapies.

In addition, Weber Medical now has kits available for HOME treatment using  the same protocol as in their published study.  The whole family can use these kits if anyone gets COVID.  You  don’t have to go to a doctor for this treatment. 


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